AGM Awards

Our Annual General Meeting was held on 25th March. Apart from the usual agenda items a few awards were given out to members of the band who had provided an outstanding musical contribution to the band over the previous 12 months. The awards ths year went to Tom Clarke, Alan Newnham and Claire Powell. The pictures below show them receiving their awards from our musical director Nick Dawson.

Tom Clarke receiving awardClaire Powell receiving her awardAlan Newnham receiving his award


Additionally, the band vote for the person they think has made the most contribution to the band over the previous year. The winner receives the President’s Cup who this year was Gavin Noyce. Gavin is seen below receiving his award from our President. the Mayor of Southampton, Derek Burke.

Gavin Noyce receiving the President's Cup 

Finally, to celebrate having been the band’s music director for the past 20 years our chairman Pete Newbold presented Nick Dawson with a pocket watch (so he doesn’t have to keep asking the band what the time is during concerts). The picture below sees Nick receiving the watch.

Nick receiving pocket watch



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