Band plays for HMS Newfoundland

At the end of April the band played for the HMS Newfoundland Veterans at their annual reunion. Last year the reunion took place in Torquay but this year it had been arranged slightly closer to home in Portsmouth. The band performed a concert on the Friday night at the Royal Beach Hotel in Southsea featuring music with a fairly nautical theme. The second half introduced some more traditional sing-a-long themes like Roll out the Barrell, We’ll Meet Again, White Cliffs of Dover. The concert was well received by the guests in the ballroom and acted as a fitting prelude to their weekend.

The band were also asked to play for the Sunday service to be held in the Royal Navy mother church St. Ann’s in Portsmouth Dockyard. Despite the requirement to play a few hymns that were unfamiliar to most of the band the combination of organ and band worked well and was appreciated by the large congregation. The picture below shows the band waiting to play their next piece.

Band in St. Ann's Church


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