When the bandsmen were bandboys (photograph taken outside All Saints Church)


These pages trace the history of what is believed to be the oldest brass band in Southampton, the City of Southampton (Albion) Brass Band.  The Band was originally formed in 1916 as a Scout drum and fife band attached to the All Saints Church, and became a brass band in the early 1920’s based at the Albion Church in St. Mary’s Street Southampton.  It broke away from the Scout Association in 1928 to become the Southampton Albion Band.


The Band has had a long and proud history, including many contest successes, a great tradition of playing at the Southampton Docks, and being well known for providing the half-time entertainment for Southampton Football Club at the Dell.


There have been several name changes over the years. In the mid 1970’s the Band changed its name to the ‘Southampton Band’, and in 1979 the Band was granted the privilege by Southampton City Council to use the title of the ‘City of Southampton Band’.  In 1986 the Band decided to re-introduce the name ‘Albion’, and adopted the present name.


The year 1920 has been adopted as the birth-date of the Band, since this is (roughly) when it became a brass band.


This history is a collection of reminisences from those people associated with the band over the years since its formation.