Bournemouth weather defies expectations

10 August 2015 | Engagements

On the 21st June the band travelled down to Bournemouth to play on the bandstand in the Lower Gardens. The forecast for the day was for dull and overcast weather and that normally limits the size of the audience that is prepared to stay and watch the concert. However, the weather turned out to be pretty good and it was a perfect day to sit out on the lawn and listen to a brass band concert. Although we were a little light on top cornets we were able to adjust the programme slightly to ensure that their life was made slightly easier.

It is difficult to say how much longer we will be able to continue doing this event as Bournemouth City Council are now refusing to pay bands for performing. This is a great shame as it is a great place to play but the costs of getting up and down to Bournemouth with all our equipment is likely to make the cost of playing prohibitive in the future.

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