Marathon Session for the Band

On St. George’s Day the band played at the Southampton Marathon to help spur the runners on their way around the course. The event consisted of both a full marathon, a half marathon and a 10K event. The band were situated on the Common and so were able to play for the full and half marathon runners. The 10K course was different. Many of the runners clapped the band as they ran past and there were many appreciative comments from runners at the finish line saying how they found the music kept them going. The marathon course passed the band twice and the half marathon once. Therefore from approximately 9:15am through to 12:00pm there was a consistent stream of runners going past. The band played throughout the morning and felt as though they had done their own marathon by the end of the morning.

Band playing at Southampton Marathon
Band playing at Southampton Marathon

Thankfully, the weather stayed dry and as the morning wore on the sun came out and the temperature increased.



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