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The band is very sad to say that our secretary, Robbie Henderson, has passed away after a long fight with cancer.

Robbie worked tirelessly for the band in his role as secretary going far beyond the expected norms researching engagements, venues and promoting the band through0ut the locality.

The band played at a service in Robbie’s memory held on Wed 4th March, Chandlers Ford Methodist Church.


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  1. Rickard Sjoberg Avatar
    Rickard Sjoberg

    I’m very sad to hear that.

    As you know Robbie was the one that recruited me to the band. That happened in a church in Chandlers Ford back in November 2007 so without him my stay in Southampton would not have been as fun as it now turned out to be. I would also like to mention the trip to Pluderhausen where I got to know him a lot better, like when we sat in the small village pub talking long-distance running. I will always remember moments like that and I feel empty and sad that there will be no more of those moments ever again…

  2. Florian Loup Avatar
    Florian Loup

    Hello my friends in Southampton. I haven´t visited your homepage for a few months. This afternoon I did it, to see what is going in the Cosab.
    But when I saw Robbies picture and the words “Sad news” I felt very very sad! Not only you lost a good friend, so did I too. It tool me a few minutes to find the right words to leave here. I still have tears in my eyes. He was a perfect partner for me to organize your last visit to Pluederhausen. I would have been very happy to see him again somewhen in the next years, but this is not possible now since February.
    I am very sad about that.
    My thoughts will be with his family.

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