Bournemouth sees end of Summer Concerts

Whilst Autumn may have officially started earlier in the week, the band were making their final summer bandstand performance of the year at the Lower Gardens in Bournemouth. On National Bandstand Day the band played two concerts for the local public. Playing so close to the end of September can be a bit of a lottery as to whether the weather is good enough for people to remain around to listen without freezing or getting wet. However, we were blessed with some warm sunshine which took the nip out of the early morning air. Whilst most people were dressed in windcheaters and long trousers rather than the usual shorts and tee-shirts that the band is accustomed to seeing in July we were rewarded with a good crowd. 

The band debuted a number  of pieces that they had been rehearsing over the last few weeks including a selection from “Grease”, the march “Voice of the Guns”, “All I Ask of You” from Phantom of the Opera and Barnard Castle (not to be mistaken for Castle Coch!). As usual the band featured a number of soloists from around the band. Paul Dunning played the Euphonium solo “Blayden Races”, Sally Collins played “Misty”, Mark Crisp performed “Feelings”, the trombone section featured “Frolic for Trombones” and Mike Buckby played his perennial favourite “Post Horn Gallop” on a traditional post horn.


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