Trip to Torquay to play for HMS Newfoundland reunion

Performances for different organisation’s reunion weekends is becoming a staple diet of the band. This weekend the band travelled to Torquay to play for the HMS Newfoundland reunion Sunday service followed by a short concert of typical marine type tunes. These events are always well received by the veterans attending these weekends and this weekend was no exception.

As Torquay is a fair distance to travel for one concert the band took the opportunity to go down on the Saturday and perform a concert at Victoria Park Methodist Church in Torquay for the local parishoners. We were well received by the audience attending who enjoyed the wide range of music that we played. Certain pieces were being performed by the band for the first time including a selection from My Fair Lady, the march Star Lake and an arrangement of Nearer My God to Thee which was the tune played by the musicians on the Titanic as she went down. The band started the piece by playing the first verse as a quartet to recreate the string quartet that played on the boat before the remainder of the band came in for the second verse.

Our hotel was situated in Paignton and was very welcoming. As usual we have to thank the people from IOW tours for their efforts in helping to make our weekend run as smoothly as possible.


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