5th Year at London 10K

The band made their annual trip to London for the London 10K run. For the past 5 years the band has been playing at the end of Westminster Bridge as the runners make their way across and turn in front of the band to go back across and finish the race in Pall Mall. In previous years the runners have made their way around a cone stuck in the middle of the road but this year a more substantial obstacle was put in their way, namely a Routemaster London bus.

London Bus on Westminster Bridge
London Bus on Westminster Bridge


In a contrast to the weather from last year the band were able to perform in warm sunshine that must have made it difficult for the runners running in fancy dress costumes. The band played a series of upbeat numbers to spur the runners on over the last kilometre or so of the race. Although the band don’t have a hat as part of their uniform anymore a varied array of hats appeared during the morning to help keep the sun off people’s heads.

Band in an array of hats
Band in array of hats



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