Band plays at reunions for HMS Ganges and HMS Hermes

The band have played for two separate naval reunions recently. The first took place at Hayling Island for HMS Ganges on the 29th March. The second was held at Rochester for HMS Hermes on 12th April. Both events followed a very similar format. The band played a short set of concert pieces before providing the music for a memorial service. Once this was over they played another short concert for the pleasure of the naval veterans.

Both concerts had a naval theme to them with pieces like Hearts of Oak, Life on the Ocean Wave, Sailing, Britannic Salute and Sunset making up a good portion of the programme. 

These reunions continue the band’s long association with Isle of Wight Tours who organise these reunions on behalf of the various organisations looking to meet up again to see old friends and comrades.

Naval Crests

We look forward to performing more reunion concerts for these organisations in the future.


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