Summer is coming!

The band kicked off their first bandstand job of the season on Sunday 17th May at Romsey. It’s traditionally the first bandstand concert we do each year and can sometimes suffer from inclement weather. However, the rain stayed away and there was even some sunshine to enjoy during the afternoon.

The Romsey Memorial Park is having a face-lift at the moment with new facilities being installed. In the meantime, business continues as normal and refreshments were still available at the temporary van that was on site. There were a good smattering of people listening to the band as they played some of the pieces that they will be taking on tour to Germany in July. Some of the pieces featured at Romsey included Lustspiel, James Bond Collection, All That Jazz, Voice of the Guns and the Ashokan Farewell.

Romsey is not the biggest bandstand in the world but the 23 members of the band present just managed to squeeze everything on with little room to spare. Our next bandstand is in Bournemouth on the 21st June.



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